How To Reduce, Monitor And Set Limit For Data Consumption On Your Android Phone



Viral News Boy :- I believe almost everyone using an enable browser phone, especially android phones face this challenges every time they subscribed for data plan of their  choices. Usually when a subscriber buys a monthly subscription, it is in hopes that it would last for the duration of the month. But this is never the case for various reasons that have more to do with the user.


However One of the best ways to monitor your data is to set limit and alerts for your data consumption every month. You can also turn off auto-updates which eats hundreds of megabytes in seconds. especially for Android phones, simply go to settings in the Google Play Store, tap the menu, settings and auto-update apps features.

Furthermore if you want to use the internet on your android phone, set your browser to mobile version of the websites, mobile version of browser offers a better readability and smoother scrolling, you can also read content as far less data than you would on desktop version of the website. Finally, don’t download files, app, videos and music that involves huge data consumption.