How To Prevent Mobile Loan Apps From Accessing Your Phone Contacts And Messages



Viral News Boy :- When installing an app on your Android phone, ‘permission’ is asked by the app for photos, messages and contacts.That means the Apps with be able to access your contacts and messages.

Therefore,It is important to read carefully what access you are providing to that particular app before you grant it the permission to access your private details.


If accidently you have clicked on Grant Permission without even reading on it, you can still deny it the permission by going to Settings- Permission-review the permission a particular app is having and deactivate it if you think that app should not have the access.


Another way is to uninstall the apps,once you delete the respective apps,they will no longer use those permission because its gone from your system.

These apps moreso the loan apps ,are known for accessing your contacts and sending messages to your contacts if you default to pay them in time,so as you figure out on how to pay them the loan,you can deny them permission of accessing your contacts using the methods provided above.