How to make your weak Power Bank stronger


Viral News Boy :- Power bank as external battery charger back-up for your device such as Smartphones, Laptops etc

Power banks are designed to discharge power to your phone or other device at specific volatages and power ratings. These follow standard ratings that your devices already use.


When should I replace my power bank?

When a power bank is fully charged (takes a day) and is not able to charge your phone battery to 100% even for a single time then it’s time to throw it away/try to replace the battery inside and make it stronger.

Because of two reasons: Your power bank is consuming more power to charge itself and not giving proper output which is a waste of electricity.


Can Power Bank be repaired?

Yes but first Contact customer service: If your device is relatively new, you may still be covered by a manufacturer’s power bankmaintenance warranty. If the manufacturer determines you’ve been using your device in a reasonable fashion, and you are still within the warranty period, they will repair, refurbish or replace your unit.


But if you chose to replace the battery, and save money.

Then you can follow this procedure.

Firstly Materials Needed.

1. Your weak power bank

2. Soldering iron


3. Flux

4. New lithium battery.

5. Copper wire.

Procedure on how to Change lithium battery

1. Open the power bank

2. Replace the battery and sold with soldering iron and join with copper wire if necessary..

3. Add flux with led, to join them together.

4. Couple the power bank

5. And test

It should last longer..

In case your power bank is not using lithium battery.

You can comment yours and let’s know, would get back to you