How To Copy Your Old Phone’s Data To Your New Phone With Xender


Viral News Boy :- You just bought a new phone but you don’t want to go through all that stress in sending all your documents and apps from your old phone to the new phone because it’s so stressful. You can actually transfer all your phone’s data to your new phone without wasting time. All you have to do is download xender app.


1: Download the xender app on both phones if you don’t already have it. Xender has been known for sharing apps and other things but not everyone knows that you can transfer all your phone’s data at one time without stress with it.

2: Open the xender app, it has the same icon as the picture below: 

3: Look for the icon with the shape of a cross at the top right corner of the app and click on it. 

4: Some options will display on your screen, click on the option that says ‘phone copy’ and click on it. 

5: After clicking on ‘phone copy’, you will be asked to choose if the phone you are with is your old phone or new phone. If it’s your old phone, click on ‘old phone’s, the same goes with if it’s your new phone.  

6: After that, you will be asked to choose if the other phone is an android phone or an iPhone, choose the correct option. 

7: After that, you will be taken to another page, click on ‘next’ which is at the bottom of the screen.


8: A page which contains instructions to be taken on the other phone will now be displayed, follow the instructions to successfully transfer your old phone’s data to your new phone. 

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