How to Convert Your Old Charger Into a Power Bank


Viral News Boy :- Mostly, when our chargers get spoilt we simply dispose of them and find a way of getting another one. However, in this article, we are going to do things differently by learning how to use old chargers to make emergency power banks at home. This can be helpful, especially to people living in an area with a poor electricity supply. Some of the things you will need to make the power bank include:

1. A rechargeable 3. 7V battery.

2. A USB cable.

3. An old power bank module.

4. You can use the old charger to package your power bank.

Having all the above ready, follow these steps: First of all, connect the 3. 7V battery to the old power bank module. If the module is still in good condition, the light is supposed to turn on. Ensure you connect the positive and negative terminal of the battery correctly to the module. 

After that, you can use your old charger to package the power bank. Ensure it is properly glued for it to work effectively. Observe carefully to see if theed indicator light is showing. You can then use it to charge your phone by just plugging in the USB cable to the bank and theeen using its other side to charge the phone. 

You can consult a technician if you can’t make it yourself.