How Smoking Is Affecting Your Skin



Viral News Boy :- It is a known fact that smoking is not bad for you, and it can harm your body by causing a deterioration in your overall health – an increased chance for your heart, stomach, brain, lungs, mouth, throat to develop life-threatening diseases. Smoking not only creates internal problems as it also harms your physical appearance. A lesser known fact is that smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that enters your skin which in turn creates a dull gray shade and causes premature aging.

Smoking can change your appearance in many other ways – so once you decide to put down the cigarette, your skin has a chance to deteriorate in order for it to age normally.

To explain further, the skin expert at Colorscaines in the UK, Patricia Boland shared the 7 severe effects that smoking has on your skin.



If you do not sleep a good night’s sleep it can show immediately under the eyes the next day when you wake up, but imagine the bags under your eyes become a permanent fixture? If you smoke then you are four times more likely than non-smokers to sleep restlessly, this is reportedly due to the lack of nicotine caused to you at night. Regular sleepless nights can make the bags under your eyes look bigger and noticeable as time goes on.


Premature wrinkles

Smoking can accelerate the aging process of the skin which contributes to wrinkles. The more cigarettes you smoke each day and the longer you smoke it will cause some wrinkles to be inflicted on your skin – but it is difficult to damage early skin damage from smoking, only when it is too late. Smoking leads to wrinkles as the nicotine in cigarettes can cause blood vessels to narrow in the skin layers. It restricts blood circulation and causes your skin not to get the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay nourished and moisturized.



The nicotine in cigarette smoke not only paints the teeth yellow and brown but it also gets into the fingers and nails. Nicotine is absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. It is also accompanied by an odor that is unpleasant to anyone. Even if you think soaking your fingers in lemon juice and getting gum will fix all your problem – it does not solve it in the long run.


Takes more time to heal wounds

Healing the body from a wound relies on oxygen because it allows repair and reconstruction of cells – oxygen is the basis and therefore without it the body struggles for reform. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that enters the affected areas as it narrows the blood vessels. If you are going for surgery or tooth extractions, it will take longer to recover.


You will lose your glow

Your General Skin Your skin is naturally radiant with regular care, but if you smoke it tends to turn into a dull gray appearance. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which places the oxygen in your skin. It also takes the place of key nutrients you need, including vitamin C which helps protect and repair skin damage.


Stretch marks

Cigarettes can be a contributing factor to stretch marks because nicotine can damage the fibers in the skin causing it to lose elasticity and strength. Stretch marks begin when red skin is stretched and fades to a darker shade. Of course, anyone can achieve stretch marks through rapid weight loss or gain, but smoking can increase your chances.


Add years to your look

Thin lines around the mouth are becoming more and more noticeable due to a jump in inhalation but the damage does not end there. Nicotine weakens the skin around the forehead, eyes, neck and chest. Studies have shown that smoking speeds up the aging process so quickly that people look on average two years older than they would otherwise look.