How NRI Muslims seeking matrimony back home in Hyderabad


Hyderabad: NRI Muslims living in various countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia & the UAE are most probably interested in finding life partners from India.

In order to find the life partner, they usually had depended on extended family, old friends of the family to seek a prospective bride or groom for their loved ones. However, this is becoming increasingly more difficult as more & more families are scattered across states and continents which makes it difficult for extended family to become a match maker as it was traditionally.

The same is with marriage agencies as everyone always had one matchmaker handy for such a thing but as things have progressed many marriage agencies are finding it very difficult to get parents of Muslim brides & grooms interested in sharing personal information with a complete stranger at a marriage agency. In addition to the privacy of the family being totally lost with marriage agencies the whole alliance fee which can go up 50,000 INR a match from both the bride & groom doesn’t help.

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Shameem of Muslim Matrimony agency based out of Hyderabad says “We have noticed substantial decrease in marriage seeker applications a few years and we are losing a lot of applications to online Muslim matrimony websites”

Muslim matrimony websites are not a recent phenomenon but there has been a massive shift in its acceptability among the Muslim masses who are seeking a safe, cost effective & a wider range alternative to traditional methods such family, friends & marriage agencies. The Matrimony websites today have a lot more safety & privacy controls which makes the users feel at ease with their confidential information in addition to a lot of range of choice across educational backgrounds, professions & even geographies.

“As an NRI from Hyderabad we had limited options in USA for Muslim Matrimonial matches within the confines of the small Muslim community in Chicago but when we took our search online, we were surprised at the level interest we had received in my son marriage bio-data” says Md Azhar who had registered with for his son in August 2020 and consequently found a match within 3 months.  

Siasat Matri has been successful in helping alliance seekers including NRIs in finding their better half with countless success stores both domestic & internationally. Siasatmatri has been a pioneer in online Muslim matrimony & was among the 1st to move matrimony for Muslim online through a website almost 20 years ago. Since then, they have over 18000 success stories from all over the world serving Hyderabad & expats find perfect matches safely & the lowest membership cost. They have also introduced mobiles applications for both android & ios for better security & functionality.

Siasat Matri has also started a video matrimonial series to help prospective brides and grooms in finding their life partners from the comfort of their homes.  So far, 13 episodes have been released. In each episode, profiles of alliances seekers from all walks of life are showcased.

In case if you are still unaware of the series, below is the last episode of the series.

Ever since the release of first episode of the series, it has helped many alliance seekers in finding their life partner. Persons who are looking for second marriages are also able to get tremendous responses due to the video matrimonial series.

Do you want your profile to be showcased in next episode?

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The next episode is scheduled to be released at 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 11.

Apart from the video matrimonial series, those who are looking for NRI profiles can search from thousands of biodatas available on the Siasat Matri website.

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