How drones may help you become a millionaire


Viral News Boy :- Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that are remotely controlled by the user, using a radio control transmitter. Though, there are now autonomous drones that does not require human for controls. They are self-operating drones that makes use of global positioning system(GPS) and operates based on the datas provided and series of sensors plus other components for automatic guidance. 

There is a popular misconception about drones. A lot of people mix-up the concept of drones with that of flying hobby models or toys. From the definition of drones, a drone can be in form of a small car, boat, single-rotor and multi-rotor crafts, or even a fixed wing aircraft. Since drones are common with the military, and they normally make use it for attack, spying and locating enemies, you will need a special license to own and operate a drone. Again, since most drones come in form of a quadcopter, people now refer to all quadcopters, both models and toys as drones. Well, they are still right in a way. But I want to make it clear that not all drones are for attack and spying. 

The predator MQ-1 military drone.

We have the commercial drones, which are for private individuals or a firm, and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss on. 

A commercial drone.

Below are five popular uses of drones that can earn you huge amount of money.


1: Aerial photography: One of the leading jobs in the drone industry is aerial photography. It is highly demanded in the country and it is becoming increasingly popular everyday. Many photographers who procured a drone for their work have realized more gain within a short period of time, than even all their profits right from when they started their job. This is due to the fact that drone imagery have given way to easily take photos from an aerial view, with much coverage, which gives reasons to discard the previous methods used for the same job, such as the use of cranes and helicopters, which is quite more expensive and complex to use. 

Since increase in demand gives rise to increase in price, you’ll have a good reason to get a for photography and learn how to fly one.


2: Aerial video-shooting: Since video coverage go hand-in-hand with photography, adding this to Drone photography is obviously a great choice, and your income will double up, if not triple.

3: Drone mapping: Also referred to as aerial mapping, this is a new job that involves the use of drones for generating maps, by taking pictures of various places in a particular location, and joining them together using a computer, then all the geographical datas are added to form a complete drone map. There are a lot of Online platforms that offers cool payment for this job. Some can even pay you up to $200. Just search for ‘drone mapping’ on the internet, you’ll see a lot of informations on various firms that are looking for workers. All you need is a drone, a computer and a good internet access to make your cash. 

4: Dro privatene delivery services: You can set up your own delivery company, where you will make use of drones to deliver goods to various places. just get long-range delivery drones and a license. Since it’s faster, safer, and secured, more people will opt for this logistics means and that means that your income will be great too. 

5: Sales and manufacturing: Sales of drones is a ‘not so common’ business in Nigeria, and what that means is that there are minimum number of competitors, therefore, you can make as much money as you want by buying drones from manufacturers and re-selling them here in Nigeria, since most of the drones used here in Nigeria are being imported. You can acquire a long-term skill and start a team of drone manufacturing, where you produce drones industrially and sell them to other firms, or even the military. Just make sure you have the legal requirements.

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