Homemade Wrinkles Remover



Viral News Boy :- As you age, the skin produces less collagen and elastin proteins, which make the skin thinner and less resistant to damage.

There are many factors which lead to early wrinkles, some are; Exposure to Ultraviolet light which speeds the natural aging process, smoking, and repeated facial expressions like squinting and smiling.

Even though they say wrinkles make you wiser, there are many ways to look wiser without the wrinkles that are natural; there is no need to buy expensive anti-aging cream or treatments.

You won’t need to expend more than a couple of bucks… here is where the real wisdom is.

Bananas and their peel have been used for centuries to help with many skin conditions, including acne,

wrinkles, warts, psoriasis, and poison ivy.

Mash a banana until it has a creamy texture and apply it to your entire face for 30 minutes. Bananas have so much more going for them than just a delicious and nutritious treat.

Coconut oil is the best option when it comes to natural wrinkle removal, since it rebuilds our skin tissue and will also leave your face skin moisturized and feeling smooth and beautiful.

Pineapple juice can easily rival any treatment, in fact it is much better, because they are packed with the enzyme bromelain which naturally eats away our top layer of skin when applied topically and leaves the new fresh skin underneath.