Here Is One Thing You Should Not Do Immediately You Finish Eating Food


Viral News Boy :- Food is a very important part of our life, because we need it in order to stay alive and go about our day to day activities. Naturally, we are expected to have a three square meal every day and we are required to eat healthy meals too.

The kind of food we eat goes a very long way to keep us strong, agile and healthy. However, there is a common habit which almost everybody is fond of doing which is not good for us. This is the main reason for the discussion in this article. When we finish a plate of food, here is one thing that many people are guilty of doing which could be damaging our health unknowingly to us.

The human body is wired in such a way that it becomes sensitive to things that we feed it with. When we eat the right things, it reflects on the body and the same goes to it when we eat wrongly.

Hence, one thing that we should not do immediately we finish eating is drinking a glass of cold or chilled water or any other cold drink. This habit is a very bad one as it causes some damages to our health especially with the organs that have to do with the stomach.

Need I remind you that most of the foods which we consume are made with oil. This oil is fat which are congealed in the lining of the walls of the stomach, which gets accumulated over time and then result to massive weight gain.

If this is not controlled, it can lead to obesity which is associated with other serious health problems like heart disease, stroke, elevated high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and even increased sugar level which can lead to diabetes. Also, this habit of drinking cold water immediately after eating can equally cause discomfort to the stomach which can result to bladder malfunction, improper digestion, stomach ulcer, bloating and other stomach issues.

So having known all these, the best thing to do after eating is wait for about 30minutes. If at all, we are going to drink water, warm water or normal water at room temperature should be taken but warm water is quite preferable.