Here Are 7 Habits That Improve The Eyes


Viral News Boy :- The eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body, it is a vital organ that helps us to sense the world around us. While there are certain habits that can cause pain, discomfort and may lead to loss of vision, there are also habits that can help to improve the eyes.



In this article, i’ll be listing 7 habits that can help to improve the eyes.

1. Avoid looking at the screen for too long


Avoid looking at computer screens or phone screens for too long, this helps to prevent straining of the eyes, headaches, blurred vision etc which results from spending long hours looking at screens.

The American academy of opthamology recommends that for every 20 minutes we stare at the computer screen, it is advisable to take 20 seconds break.

2. Avoid rubbing the eyes


Avoid rubbing the eyes frequently especially when the hands are dirty, this could transmit germs to the eyes resulting in eye infection.

3. Avoid smoking


Researches have linked smoking to different diseases like cancer, glaucoma, dry eyes, cataract etc. So, it is advisable to avoid smoking in order to improve good eye health.

4. Always get enough sleep


Getting enough sleep is very vital for the overall well being of the body, and is also very helpful to the eyes. Because, when a person fails to get enough sleep, it results in dark circles underneath the eyes, blurry vision, dark eyes etc.

5. Wear glasses


Sun glasses are not only worn for fashion, but to also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

6. Stop sleeping with make up


Avoid going to bed with your make up on, because it only exposes a you to eye infections as a result of bacteria that have accumulated on the face.

7. Eat foods that are healthy for the eyes


Several researches have proven that there are certain foods that are rich in nutrients like zinc, lutein, omega – 3 fatty acids etc that are essential for good eye health.

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