Guava leaves tea can make your skin glow and your hair shine


Viral News Boy :- Many of our known pants that we have in our backyards can be of great benefits for our bodies and health in general. Here we take a look at the guava leaves and the benefits of its tea that can make your skin glow and hair shine. 

Let’s dive straight into what to do first to get those great benefits and first we gonna look at how to get your leaves dry to make that fresh tea that is healthy for your skin and hair.

First find a cool shady place to put those leaves, wash the leaves and place them o a clean towels to dry. Allow them to dry in a shady place until they become crusty, which can take some time in a shady place but is the best method to dry them.

Store your dried guava leaves in a bottle to use when you feel like having that nice cup and get the health benefits.

This tea is reported to contain antioxidants and vitamin C, so this tea is safe to consume several times a week for you to better get those great benefits. It can give you the energy that you need all day and it can helps with that weight loos, and other health problems.


If you are allergic to some plants, consult a doctor before making your guava leaves tea and enjoy.


Here is how to prepare your fresh guava leaves tea:

1. Just get 5-7 fresh guava leaves

2. Wash your leaves if just picked them from the tree, Incase you want fresh leaves than direid leaves.

3. Get your leaves in a pot, place on the stove, allow to boil for about ten minutes or more depending on how strong you want your tea to be.

4. Remove from stove and filter the🍆💗 leaves as they are not needed anymore, use the liquid as you tea, you can choose to add sugar or honey to enjoy your tea that can help in making that skin glow and hair to shine.


No need for expensive stuff for your hair and skin, only your backyard guava leaves, make your tea and enjoy then let it work it’s magic.