Ghaziabad gurdwara offers ‘oxygen langar’ for COVID-19 patients


New Delhi: A Gurdwara, situated on the outskirts of Delhi, took off as the “Oxygen Temple” among masses amidst a severe shortage of oxygen during the apocalyptic second wave of COVID-19.

The gurdwara, located in Ghaziabad’s Indiranagar area, set up an ‘oxygen langar’ to those in need, providing much-needed oxygen to them for a week now. The patients can use the beds that are set up to rest and stabilize their oxygen levels. 

And for those who are not able to enter the premises, volunteers carry oxygen cylinders to their cars.

40-year-old Jagdishwar Singh is the hero behind the concept. His NGO is heading the oxygen supply in the gurdwara premises.

According to The Statesman, the facility is catering to 300 patients daily whereas it has provided oxygen aid to over 2,000 patients so far. The news portal also reported that the requirement for oxygen is so critical in the current wave of the COVID-19 which is wreaking havoc in the country that people arrive at the Gurudwara through whatever means of transport they could avail during critical hours. 

“People come to us via bike, scooters, ambulance, private car, and even hired cabs. It shows how each minute matters in this viral disease (COVID-19),” Jagdishwar Singh told The Statesman.

Furthermore, he added that the patients choose his facility as the last resort and that when they give up on all avenues, be it government or private hospitals, they come to the gurdwara. 

“Many of the patients arrive here in severe condition with their oxygen saturation dropping as low as 30 per cent. We try our best to save each life,” he said.