Full Meaning of The 3 “CVC” Pin At The Back of The ATM Card, And Other Security Pin You Need To Know



Viral News Boy :- The CVC on at the back of a payment card, is a security feature for transactions created to mitigate the incidence of credit card scams/fraud. It is added to the holders bank card number and it is usually found on the back of a debit or credit card, on the right corner of the white signature strip. The CVC which stand for Card Verification code could also be called Card security code (CSC), Card verification number (CVV), Card verification data (CVD), Signature panel code (SPC) or Verification code (V-code) and it is often three digits in number.


Usually on Visa, MasterCard, bank debit card and others they are usually three digit in number, except for the American Express (AMEX) cards which is usually four digits pin on the front.

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The acronym SSL, stands for Secure Sockets Layer, it is a standard technology for making an internet connection secure and safeguarding any vital data that is sent between two systems. The SSL helps prevent criminals from modifying and reading any information sent, which includes potentials personal details. It makes use of encrypted algorithms to prevent hackers from reading the information sent over the connection. This information could include anything sensitive, which includes credit card numbers and other financial addresses and information.


The acronym PIN means Personal identification number, is a a security pin for verifying the identity of a debit or credit card user. It may be used for used for anything which requires accessing things digitally. PIN is synonymous to password.

Because of the importance of one PIN, it is advised to keep it secured. Avoid adding the under-listed items in your pin:

Simple number sequences such as 0000 or 1234, repeated numbers like 3344, 1122, important dates such as one’s birthday or that of your spouse, your home address, phone number or any social security number.

Longer pin works better, better it makes it more difficult to guess and makes it difficult for thieves and hacker to guess your pin.