Facts Every Email User Needs To Know And How To Protect Yourself From Fraudsters



Viral News Boy :- Hello guys! I hope you all are good today? Join me again as I unravel some big secrets of Yahoo boys. I hope you all followed the tips I gave you in my previous articles about how to secure your WhatsApp and Facebook account religiously. If Yes, then you are good to go and don’t forget to hit the follow button at the top so as to get interesting and educative articles while it’s hot.

In my article today, I will be telling you all another big secrets of yahoo boys and this issue concerns about 90% of adults. I will be telling you some secrets of how yahoo boys access your email and the proactive measures you need to take to avoid a had I known situation. We all know that Email, which is a combination of two words; Electronic and Mail, Email is just an advance of the normal Post Mail Box we are familiar with back then. Email is something virtually every adults used on daily basis and all our vital information and scanned documents are stored there, there is no online registration or application you want to do that won’t require a provision of an Email. An Email is something everyone need to treasure and secure so as to prevent unauthorized user from having an access to it but it baffles me that Email which is supposed to be well secured is the most invaluable asset of anyone’s identity on the web. Most people only care about their Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media account without putting their Email into consideration.

You may think that using a strong password for your Email is enough, but it isn’t. You need to keep monitoring activities on your email account and be fully aware of how some people do all they can to gain access to other people’s email accounts by unfair means. Let me start by telling you what Email hacking or hijacking entails and how these Yahoo boys or cyber criminals carry out this unjust act.

Email Hijacking Or Email Hacking

I know some of you are conversant with this words while some of you might be hearing it for the first time. For the benefit of those who haven’t heard about it before, let me give you a detailed explanation of what Email hijacking or Email hacking is all about. The act of hacking people’s Email accounts is rapidly increasing these days and you all need to be very careful. These yahoo boys do make use of three different techniques depending on their choice and these three techniques are email spoofing, social engineering tools, or inserting viruses in a user computer. Read on as I explain everything in details and I’m pretty sure this would go a long way in saving someone from the menace of Yahoo boys.


1. Email Spoofing

When a Yahoo boy uses the Email spoofing technique, you get to receive email from him and the email which he sent is from a domain or site name you are familiar with so as to decieve you and this would make you open the mail. Such types of mails normally contain suspicious links, doubtful content, requests to transfer money, etc. You can identify that a mail address is spoofed by trying to reply that sender, once you get to see that the email displayed to you when you want to reply the message is different from that of the sender; I advise you run for your life so that it won’t end in tears.


2. Social Engineering

When a yahoo boy or cyber criminals decides to use this technique, he sends promotional mails to numerous email users, and this kind of emails most times has a content of a company offering the receiver a huge discount and tricking them to provide details of their personal information. So ensure you don’t click on a link you ain’t sure of.


These yahoo boys also deploy a technique known as phishing techniques to hijack one’s Email account as seen screenshot below.


When you click on such kind of links, you will be redirected to a malicious website and if you end up providing your personal details to them, you are in trouble. Same thing happened to some people during the Npower registration, so people were tricked via a fake website to provide their personal details and they ended up receiving debit alert of transaction they didn’t authorize. You really need to be careful with the link you click online.

3. Inserting Viruses in a User System

When a yahoo boy makes use of this technique to carry out his deceptive act, he infect your system with a virus or any kind of malicious software(malware) and once he does this, he can get all your password associated with that Email account. You really need to be careful and look before you leap.

I know so many of you reading this would be curious about knowing how you would detect that your Email account has been hacked. Just chill because I would tell you everything I know about Email hijacking.

How to detect if your email has been hacked

1. Those who get to receive the spam emails include a whole lot of people you are familiar with.

2. When you try to login to your Email account with a password you are sure of but it keeps telling you that the password or email address is incorrect.

3. You try recovering your password but you don’t get the link to reset your password and it has been diverted to another link.

4. When you check the mails on your sent folder and you notice strange mails you never sent there.

What you need to do when you notice or feel that your account has been hacked

1. Change the passwords as soon as possible.

2. Tell your friends that they should not open any mail they receive from your account until you recover your account.

3. Contact the authorities immediate and file a report that your email has been hijacked by an unknown entity.

4. Install a good antivirus on your computer and update it.

5. Set up double authentication password if it is supported.

Most people make a very big mistake by setting up a very easy passwords that are easy to remember, such as their date of birth, names of family members or crush, mobile numbers, etc. This is what makes the passwords weak and prone to easy hacking.

You need to fortify your password and make it as strong as possible to save yourself from the menace of Yahoo boys. A strong password has the following attributes −

1. Contains at least 8 characters.

2. A mix of letters, numbers, and special characters.

3. A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Below are examples of a strong and ideal password;

“L0v€t#@@” and “Cr1st1@N0” instead of choosing a plain password like Loveth and Cristiano which could be easily cracked.

The next secrets I will be exposing to you guys is how yahoo boys crack one’s password, these guys don’t sleep till they hit their target.

1. Dictionary Attack

When a yahoo boy carries out a dictionary attack to crack one’s password, they make use of a predefined list of words from a dictionary to try and guess the password. If your password is weak let’s say something like Josephine, then a dictionary attack can decode it quite fast. The tools which is widely used by yahoo boys to carry out this attack is called Hydra. The screenshot below shows how a Hydra is used to discover the password of an FTP service. I guess you now see the reason why I said you need to set up a stronger password that would take time to crack.


2. Hybrid Dictionary Attack

When a yahoo boy carries out this kind of attack, he makes use of a set of dictionary words combined with extensions. For example, we have the word “admin” and combine it with number extensions such as “admin123”, “admin147”, etc.

In carrying out a hybrid dictionary attack, a yahoo boy makes use of a tool known as Crunch and this tool is a wordlist generator where they can specify a standard character set or a character set. Crunch can generate all possible combinations and permutations. Below is a screenshot of a hybrid dictionary attack carried out using a crunch tool.


3. Brute-Force Attack

When a yahoo boy choose to carry out this kind of attack, he uses a very powerful tool known as John the ripper or Johnny. What they do here is trying all possible combinations of letters, numbers, special characters, and small and capital letters to break the password. They got a high chance of succeeding here although it takes them a long period of time to break just one password.


4. Rainbow Tables

When a yahoo boy carries out an attack via a rainbow table, he take his time to lookup for passwords. This table consist of a set of predefined passwords that are hashed. It is a lookup table used especially in recovering plain passwords from a cipher text. When they carry out this password recovery process, they use the rainbow table to look at the pre-calculated hash table to crack the password.


Quick Tips in securing your password

I know you all are curious to know how you can secure you account from been vulnerable to these four kinds of attack I just explained above.

1. Ensure that you don’t jot down your password anywhere, just memorize them.

2. Ensure that whatever password you are using is strong passwords and won’t be easy to crack.

3. Use a combination of alphabets, digits, symbols, and capital and small letters.

4. Don’t set passwords that are similar to their usernames.


That’s all for today, ensure you adhere to this security tips for your own good and don’t forget to hit the follow up button above to get more interesting and informative articles. I won’t leave without reminding you that “Yahoo boys don’t just attack your devices but they also attack you.”

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