Facts About Pineapples You Never Knew ???



Viral News Boy :- 1.Pineapples regenerate! You can plant pineapple leaves to grow a new plant.

2. Pineapples contain the bromelain enzyme which can break down proteins, so you can use them to tenderize meat.


3. Hawaii produces about 1/3 of all pineapples in the world.

4. Pineapples are a cluster of hundreds of fruitlets.

5. Pineapples take about 18-20 months to become ready to harvest.

6. Did you know that though pineapple is today available worldwide, it actually originated in a place between today’s Paraguay and Brazil? This means, this fruit is indigenous to South America.

7. Though the fruit had a modest beginning, it quickly spread across South America and soon made its way into places like Mexico, Central America and Caribbean.

8. Ancient civilizations like the Mayans and the Aztecs were very well-familiar with this fruit. However, it reached Europe after a very long time in 1493.It was Christopher Columbus who took the fruit back to Europe.

9. The first ever record of the word ‘Pineapple’ dates back to 1398. However, back then, the word was actually a description of ‘pine cones’. In 1694, for the first time in history of humankind, ‘pine cones’ were called as pine cones and not ‘pineapples’!

10. In year 1664, European explorers reached Americas. They saw the fruit and the found a striking resemblance between pine cones and the fruit. No wonder they called it ‘pineapple’. So actually, between 1664 and 1694, the word ‘pineapple’ referred to both the fruit and the pine cones.