Enough supplies of oxygen necessary to avoid Delhi like situation in Telangana: Med experts


Hyderabad: Medical experts believe that if enough supplies of oxygen is not made to private hospitals, the state may face a Delhi like situation in Telangana where more people will die due to shortage of oxygen compare to Covid-19 pandemic.

Any shortage of oxygen may lead to patients death in hospitals and it would be difficult to control such a situation if it exacerbated, warned doctors.

There are reports that the oxygen is not being supplied in enough quantities which is leading to patients’ death. However, the situation has not turned grim yet.

Many hospitals are keeping their patients on low oxygen due to short supply of the gas. Whenever any patient needs more oxygen the hospitals tell his relatives to arrange oxygen or take the patient home.

Yesterday, a 54 year old patient died in a private hospital due to lack of oxygen. A doctor of the said hospital acknowledged that the patient was kept on low oxygen. As the oxygen level decreased, the patient’s vital organs stopped functioning which lead to his death.

In view of the short supply of oxygen to hospitals across the city, a Delhi like situation may emerge in Telangana if the state government does not take immediately steps to ensure enough oxygen supplies to hospitals across the state, warned doctors.