Easy Settings To Reduce Data Usage if your Phone is Consuming too Much Data Bundles


Viral News Boy :– Sometime the phone consumes data according to how it is set. This means that you can limit and monitor your data usage in your phone. You can still save so mach data in your phone and still maintains high connectivity. There are several setting that can help to minimize your data usage. The first thing is to restrict background data.Not every app should be consuming your data, if you haven’t restricted the background data someone of the phone app that don’t need data to run will still use your data. To restrict data you just need to go your phone data usage and mark apps that should use your data.

Secondly restrict notification from less useful apps. In your phone setting you can set the apps that you need to send your notification. You should understand that such notifications spend so mach of your data. Some of these notification are just adverts that just consume your data. Just go to the app setting and set the apps that can send you a notification.

Another thing you can activate your data saver. This does not affect your connectivity but will help to reduce data usage in so many apps. On that you can also set limit such that the phone can notify if you spend too mach data.

Most phones are registered to 4G which consumes so mach data. You can as well reduce this by setting a 3G network which consume reduce data usage.

Make sure you restrict automatic update of apps. You can set your phone only to update on WiFi but not mobile data.

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