Does Your Friend Go Where He Shouldn’t Go On Your Phone? 10 Steps To Be Sure He Never Does It Again



“Give me your phone. I want to look at pictures.”

Viral News Boy :- Every phone owner has been asked that question. Or am I wrong? If I am, tell me in the comments section.

When we are asked that question, we look carefully at the person and after thinking about it for a while… We say, “no”.

It wasn’t because you were selfish, no. It was because you know the type of person that he/she is

Let’s face it. We all have that annoying friend that will never stay where he said he would. He would say he wants to look at pictures, then he would leave the gallery to play your games before finally killing your battery watching movies.

If you’ve experienced the situation above, then you are in luck! This article will teach you how to stop such from happening again —ever.

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Back to business, today we are learning how to use screen pinning to keep only one app open on your phone. To leave that app and go to anywhere else on the phone will require your password.

So let’s say my friend begged me that he wanted to watch YouTube and I want to make sure he doesn’t leave YouTube to another app. This is what you (I mean I) should do.


Step 2: Open the settings app on your Android device. 

Step 3: Look for the security & location category and tap it to open. 

Step 4: Look for the screen pinning option and tap it. 

Step 5: Use the slider to turn screen pinning On (obviously). 

Step 6: After enabling screen pinning. Tap the slider below it to “fully enable it” with a password.


Step 7: Now go to YouTube (remember that was my friend’s request). Open the app and tap the minimise button to minimise the app. 

Step “number after 7”: You will see a greenish grey button at the bottom corner of the window. Use the OBVIOUS arrows in the picture for reference. 

Step 9: After you tap the button, the screen will maximise again. This time, you will notice that you can’t see the clock notification clearly. This means screen pinning is active.

This is the part where you can give your friend the phone to play with. He won’t be able to leave the app.

Step 10: When you want to unlock the phone, hold the back button and the minimise button down at the same time.

This will take you to your lockscreen where you will input your phone’s password or pattern to open it. 

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