Do you know how to identify a man’s trousers from a woman’s trousers?


Viral News Boy :- I once bought a pair of trousers from an Okirika market, only to get home, and I was told it’s a lady’s trousers. This didn’t make any sense to me, as I thought it looked good on me. I kept asking my siblings why they felt it’s a lady’s trousers. They didn’t give me any solid explanation, all they said was that it looked weird on me. To cut the story short, they collected the trousers from me, since they are ladies. Till date, I don’t know if I was hustled, or it truly was a lady’s trousers. If I knew what I know today, I would have been able to perfectly differentiate the difference between a man’s trousers and a lady’s trousers. 


As irrelevant as this piece of information might seem to many, it might save you from some embarrassing moments in the future. There are times when a man’s and woman’s trousers look so much alike that you could easily get confused. I remember one time that a friend wore a woman’s trousers to class. The trouser had a ridiculous look on him, and one could easily tell it’s not a man’s fit. In his defense, he said it was skinny jeans. I know what a man’s skinny trousers look like, and that wasn’t one.

Below are simple ways to identify a man’s trousers, from a woman’s. Note that some of these rules are sometimes broken for aesthetics.

1 Position of the Zipper fly

Have you ever taken your time to notice that the zipper fly of a trouser can be on either the right side or the left. This is usually a strong indicator of the gender it’s made for. When the zipper fly is on the right side while wearing it, it’s usually a lady’s trousers. When the zipper fly is on the left side while wearing it, it’s a man’s trousers. This is one of the easiest ways to identify these trousers. Next time you want to buy a trouser, just check the position of the zipper fly to confirm if it’s for your gender or not. 

Zipper fly of a woman’s trouser



Zipper fly of a man’s trousers


2 Length of the zipper fly

The main function of the zipper in a lady’s trouser is to ease its wearing and removal. Hence the zipper fly of a lady’s trousers is relatively short. A zipper fly is more functional in a man’s trouser for obvious reasons. For this reason, the zipper fly on a man’s trousers is longer. When next you go to the market and you see a trouser with a short zipper fly, if you’re a man, drop it immediately. Except you’re shopping for a woman. Note that there are some exceptions, where a ladies zipper fly is long for aesthetic reasons.

3 Width of the waist band and belt hole. 


In most cases, a man’s trousers has a bigger belt hole and waist band than a woman’s own. If you have observed, a lot of men’s belt are usually wider than that of ladies.

4 Depth of the pocket. 

A woman’s trousers usually has a shallow depth, when compared to that of male. A man’s trousers has a deeper and wider pocket.