Dermatologist: These 5 Foods Are Ruining Your Skin And Number 5 Will Make Women Cry



Viral News Boy :- We all love to have beautiful skin; and this is truer for women than it is for men. Yet very few women understand how skin health works or even take the time to find out.

Most people try to achieve beautiful skin by applying products on the skin and then hope for miracles.

Most of the time this doesn’t work because beautiful skin comes from the inside, not from the outside. In other words; no amount of beauty products can make your skin beautiful the inside of your body is full of toxins.

Diet affects the quality of the skin far more than most people realize. If you are not eating right, you are unknowingly damaging your skin.

These are the 7 foods that dermatologists say are the most harmful in causing skin damage.



As a general health advice, I do not advise the drinking of coffee. I know it’s almost a ritual for many to start the day with a cup of this black, steamy, delicious beverage; but coffee is a diuretic. That means it drains your body of all its hydration – including the skin.

The effects of this are that your skin’s glow is taken away and wrinkles begin to show.

For this reason, dermatologists consider coffee bad for the skin.

If you don’t want to give away your coffee, then drink eight glasses of water for every cup of coffee you drink.

2.Bottled Water


This comes as a surprise to many because drinking water is actually a good skin care practice. The problem here isn’t the water but the bottle.

Plastic bottles contain an industrial chemical substance called bisphenol A (BPA).

This chemical acts as a hormone in the body, presenting itself as synthetic estrogen. It can cause acne breakouts and most of hormone related skin problems. Avoid bottled water at all costs.

3.White Rice


It is a well known fact that white rice is highly refined and therefore isn’t recommended as much by dieticians. White rice contains sugar.

We already consume a lot of sugar. Excess of it is a problem because it doesn’t get picked up by the liver. This excess sugar ends up as collagen which causes significant inflammation of the skin (inflammation refers to a situation where the body is kept in alert to fight things that damage it. This is generally a good thing, but when this process is prolonged and thus becomes toxic to the body).

Substitute white rice with brown rice.

4.Processed Meat


This one shouldn’t really come as a surprise because it causes many other health problems including cancer.

When it comes to your skin, processed meat is very high is sodium, and sodium is toxic for the skin.

Sodium causes premature aging. You certainly don’t want to be looking 37 when you are 27.

5.Spicy Foods


Spicy foods causes inflammation everywhere in the body and certainly on the skin too. As stated before, inflammation refers to the body that is kept in a fighting mode for a prolonged time.

Spicy foods trick the body into believing it is under attack: and that prolonged inflammation makes the body to suspend it’s other vital functions to deal with this perceived urgent danger: Imagine if you thought you were being attacked and were kept in constant state of alert. You would stop doing other important things in anticipation of this danger.

Inflammation of the skin produces rash and pimples as the body will be trying to take through of the skin whatever it perceives as toxic.

Don’t eat spicy food; at least not often.

There you go, 5 common foods that are damaging your skin. Which one are you ready to quit? Please tell me in the comments section.