Decision to expand mosque in Dargah Yousufain


He instructed the officials to provide better facilities to the devotees. He also said that the old house which is in a dilapidated condition adjoining the mosque shall be demolished and that place will be accommodated in the mosque premises so that more people can pray in the mosque. After the expansion of the mosque, more people could pray and more finance will be ratified in the budget for the expansion works. He said dargah supervision works is one of the objectives of the waqf board.

The ablution place which is 50 years old will be renovated and a new headwater tank will be installed to provide sufficient water to the devotees, he added.

He instructed the officials to file a police complaint against the people who do illegal activities in the dargah and no one shall be allowed to sit in the premises after offering prayers.

The local public presented their grievances to the board chairman regarding the activities taking place in the dargah.