Dear Guys, No Girl Will Love You If You Keep Doing These 3 Things


Viral News Boy :- A person’s feelings do not appear or manifest themselves quickly or all of a sudden. It is something that develops and expands through time as the intimacy and closeness between the two people deepens and becomes permanent.

Even if it is acceptable for a girl to have feelings for a guy, ladies of today are less likely to develop feelings for people who do the following five things:

One of the main reasons why no women will develop feelings for you is because you are a stingy guy. Girls are attracted to men who have the ability to spend and are willing to spend for them at any time.


2. If you are the type of guy who is a slacker, no woman will be interested in you. Hard work and intelligence are required if you want to be successful in your pursuit of any female.


3. If you consume an excessive amount of alcohol. Girls do not appreciate people who consume excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages; therefore, if you want to gain the attention and feelings of females nowadays, you must be decent.