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Viral News Boy :- Majority of people don’t know the major use of a computer, and they are still ignorant of the fact that it’s not only used in watching movies and playing games. Before now, I was among those who were at the dark side.

This article is about the application called Microsoft word which is the most use program for word processing.

Definition of Microsoft word: Microsoft word is a program that is used for the preparation of text. It is an office package used for typing, editing and formatting text.

There are various types of Microsoft word they include office 97, office 2000, office 2005, office 2007 & office 2013.

Here are some importance of Microsoft word

1) It creates room for neat tables.

2) It makes typing enjoyable.

3) It also create rooms for checking and correcting errors.

4) It also create room for formatting text.

5) It has the capacity of storing text as long as is needed.

6) It also mode merging operation.

In my next article I will emphasize on the word screen

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