Common Symptoms And Causes Of Goitre


Viral News Boy :- Goitre can be described as a swelling of the thyroid gland which results to a lump mostly in front of the neck.It develops mostly as a result of Iodine deficiency or inflammation and infection of the thyroid gland. The symptoms, causes, and treatments of goitre will be discussed in this article.



Common Symptoms Of Goitre:

1 Palpations

2 Fatigue 


3 Tightness of throat, cough

4 Difficulty with swallowing

5 Difficulty with breathing 

6 Increased sweating and nervousness

Causes Of Goitre;

1 Iodine deficiency

2 Hormonal changes

3 Smoking tobacco 

4 Under active thyroid gland

5 Inflammation or infection

6 Over active thyroid gland

Treatments Of Goitre:

1 Visit an health center 

2 Medical check up is required

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