Common faults in mobile phones and possible solutions that will help you.


Viral News Boy :- Both Electrical, Electronics and mechanical products develop some fault or show some implied problems from time to time. Some of these problems are minor that you can handle and fix it on your own without consulting any helping hand thereby saving yourself thousands of Naira.

There is a way you can know if the components inside your phone is bad. For instance, if you are making a call and at the other end, the receiver cannot hear you. The fault can be as a result of a faulty mouth piece. The mouth piece is like a censor that carries your voice to the other receiving end. But if the person at the other end can hear you but you can’t hear him, then the problem is traceable to faulty ear piece which is the speaker. The speaker may be bad and need to be replaced. The speaker is at the top most of the phone or below depending on the brand.

Also if your phone does not display on the screen, The fault has to do with the screen or the flex in a case of much crack on the screen. The flex takes the image from the engine to the screen. Although it is possible that you can still make calls but you won’t be able to see any images or number that you dial. It is more annoying with android phone with a faulty screen.

At some times, you notice that your phone suddenly stopped charging; when you plug it into the electric socket, there are 3 things that may likely result to that. It could be that the charger is bad because some phone are fond of selecting charger or the charging port is faulty or the charging IC is dead.

Sometimes when the phone start to have poor or no network connection and it is not from the service provider, then you should know that it is the network IC that has problem. The network IC is the Component that attracts the signal. For instance, if you are not able to find network in a particular area while others have network it simply means that the network IC is bad or the antenna is damaged or out of order and needs replacement or the wire that is connected to the antenna is broken and needed to be soldered completely or you try using software repairing code( *0000#) OK /yes /send. It requires you to wait for few seconds and full network service will be restored. You can also search for network directly from your phone by going to settings -phone setting -Network selection -Automatic /Manual and press OK key and full service will be restored.