Checkout This Common Substance Used In Cooking Moimoi That Harms Your Health


Viral News Boy :- Moi Moi happens to be among the proteinous foods which people enjoy when they run out of the types of protein meals to eat. It is a delicious kind of food made with beans being the major source.

Other ingredients are added to enhance taste while cooking. Moi Moi is eaten by everyone and at the same time, it is prepared using several methods depending on how we want it.

This is where this article comes into play, to get us informed about a common substance which many people use in cooking moi moi. This substance is capable of damaging our health. The method of preparing moi moi is by cooking it as we all know but, the substance used in cooking it differs from one individual to another, as many people use this common substance known as thermoplastic polymer which in order words is commonly called “nylon”.

This nylon is made with different chemicals such as adipic acid, hexamethylenediamine which contains 6 carbon atoms etc. What happens is this, cooking with this nylon transmits these poisonous chemicals into the food as a result of the heat. However, it is imperative that we state here that these substances are carcinogenic in nature, which causes a couple of severe damages to our important organs.

The health implications ranges from serious respiratory problems, heart disease, brain tumour, dead brain cells and so many others.

A lot of persons have gotten used to cooking with nylon, and it is almost like a normal kitchen routine for most people especially mothers. We therefore encourage that you check out for it’s health implications so as not to endanger your life and that of your entire family. Prevention they say is better than cure, and we must at all cost try to prevent these things instead of allowing the disease to get to us.

Cancer is a deadly disease which is capable of spreading through the body within a very short time, and can equally lead to untimely death as there is no permanent cure for cancer.

However, if you must cook your moi moi, it is better to use leaf (uma leaf as the case may be). This way, you will be sure that you are eating something very natural. I hope this article helps.