Checkout The Best Way to Erase Pimples Acnes Spots and Enhance Facial Beauty In One Week.



Viral News Boy :- Every one admires beautiful things and making yourself beautiful isn’t left out. As a lady, you’ve got to look attractive every now and then as it will take you places.

Are you struggling with stubborn pimples, acnes, black spots and dry skin? This article is made just for you.

This article summarizes all the information you need on the possible ways to exfoliate dead skin cells from your skin and keep you looking fresh and young all day long.

All this can be achieved using Cucumber. Cucumber is a renowned fruit in West Africa and in most other Asian and European countries of the world. It’s frequently used as fruit but can also serve for other purposes ranging from cooking to medicinal fruit.


Below are the proven procedures to follow to achieve this height in just one week.

1. Get a cucumber; wash with salt and water

2. Slice the cucumber into small sizes for your blender or grater.

3. Grate the cucumber using a grater or blender

4. Sieve out excess water from the grated cucumber using a neat sieve.

5. Apply on your washed face. For better result, mix with a desirable toothpaste before application.

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Leave this mixture on your face for at least 2 hours for accurate result. Repeat this process every morning and night for one week and see how fresh your face will become.

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