Checkout 7 Diseases And 2 Benefits That You Can Get From Smoking


Viral News Boy :- Have you ever stopped to ponder the reason behind smoking? Well, I have and I saw some reasons why people smoke, some reasons are better kept personal and I can’t speak for all those who are in one way or another involved in smoking, from my little research I found that just as the faces of people are different, so are their thought, reasons and actions, two people can do the same thing for two very different reasons, that aside I need to tell you how bad smoking affects your health and thereafter give you two obvious and somewhat ironic benefits of smoking. 


Smoking can increase the risk of and even cause some deadly diseases, it is not healthy and according to, these diseases can be caused by smoking, they include

• Lung diseases. 

• Cancer.

• Asthma.

• Stroke.


• Diabetes.

• Blindness.

• Cataracts.

Seeing the numerous issues that are likely to come up as a result of smoking, I can’t help but wonder the essence.

1. Weight Loss. 

Well, with a bit of research and sourcing of information from, I discovered that weight loss can be caused by smoking, this generated mixed feelings for me because not every smoker is out to lose weight, but on the bright side it can be counted as a benefit for those who want to lose weight. I must confess that this is not the best way to lose weight but at least it’s a way.

2. Smoking can make you warm. 

On cold days and during the cold weather, smoking is one way to keep warm and this happens for sure but this is not a green light indicating that you should start smoking. According to, smoking raises your body temperature and contributes to sweating, this is helpful on cold days, right? 

So, even though smoking is bad for our overall health, it still helps in weight loss and keeping warm. Don’t get carried away though, the disadvantages overly outweigh whatever advantage there is.