Check out what happens to your teeth when you frequently use toothpicks



Viral News Boy :- The teeth is the only mechanical structure for chewing and grinding of food substances in the mouth. This teeth require daily cleaning in order to remain strong and healthy to carryout its functions efficiently. As a result, researches by Dental scientist discovered certain dental cleaning agents that are necessary and hygienic for the teeth.

Dental cleaning involves the use of different dental tools or agents such as toothpaste, toothbrush, floss and others to clean or remove food particles from the mouth to prevent teeth damage.

In recent times, most people have engaged in the habit of using toothpicks to pick out food particles between the teeth after each meal. This practice is harmful to the teeth and gum.

Toothpicks, though cheap, easily available and convenient can help to remove some food particles hanging between the teeth but most times, cause bleeding and injury to the gum.This injury causes inflammation of the gum and introduces bacteria to the injured area, leading to gingivitis.

Furthermore, toothpicks break, splinter and gets lodged in the gum, creating wounds as it becomes more abrasive at that stage.

Moreso, the pointed tip of toothpicks can habor certain microbes, especially when they are not hygienically stored. The use of such toothpicks introduces harmful bacteria to the teeth capable of causing harm.

However, Flossing is the best dental cleaning method advised by Dentists globally. Use floss rather than toothpicks after meal to remove food particles between teeth.