Causes, Symptoms and Prevention of Yellow Fever




Viral News Boy :- Yellow fever is a dangerous, potentially fatal flu-like illness caused by Aedes aegypti mosquitos, which also spread dengue and Zika viruses. A high temperature and jaundice are common symptoms. Yellow fever is caused by a yellowing of the skin and eyes, which is why it is named yellow fever.

This illness is especially common in parts of Africa and South America. It is not treatable, but the yellow fever vaccine can help prevent it.

Identifying the signs and symptoms of yellow fever

Yellow fever strikes swiftly, with symptoms appearing 3 to 6 days after infection. The infection’s first symptoms are similar to those of the influenza virus.

– Headaches are one of them.

– Muscular pains

– Aches and pains in the joints,

– Aches and pains in the joints

2 Stages of Yellow Fever

1. The acute stage

The average duration of this stage is 3 to 4 days. Symptoms that are common include:

– Headaches

– Shivers

– Muscle aches

– Joint aches

– Fever,

– Loss of appetite

– Backaches

Symptoms will begin to fade when the acute phase has passed. Although many people recover from yellow fever at this stage, some will acquire a more serious form of the disease.

2. Toxic Stage

For up to 24 hours, the symptoms you experienced during the acute phase may go away. The symptoms may then reappear, along with new and more serious ones.

– Reduced urination is one of them.

– Stomach ache

– The act of vomiting (sometimes with blood)

– Issues with the heart rhythm

– Bleeding from the nose, lips, and eyes.

Causes of Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is caused by the yellow fever virus (or flavivirus), which is spread through bites from infected mosquitos. When mosquitoes bite a human or a monkey carrying the virus, they get infected. The sickness is not contagious.

Mosquitoes thrive in tropical rainforests, humid and semi-humid climates, and near sources of still water.

Increased interaction between humans and infected mosquitoes can result in small-scale outbreaks, especially in places where people have not been vaccinated against yellow fever.


Yellow fever can only be prevented through vaccination. Yellow fever vaccination is given as a single dose. It contains a live, weakened virus that helps your body build immunity.

Yellow fever vaccine 17D is one of the most effective vaccinations ever developed. A single shot can last a lifetime.