Bladder Control: Lifestyle Strategies That Can Help You Control Excessive Urination At Night


Viral News Boy :- When you start waking up more than two times at night to urinate, it could be a sign that you have a urinary problem. Our bodies are designed to produce less urine at night. That is why someone can sleep 5 to 7 hours at night without waking up to urinate. They are several causes of excessive urination at night, but I would be focusing on lifestyle therapies that can help you control it. 

These lifestyle strategies are easy, safe and above all inexpensive. All it requires is self discipline and consistency. It is good for you to try out these strategies before considering going for medication or surgery. Here are the lifestyle strategies you can use to beat excessive urination at night. 

1. Bladder Training: Try to keep a record of the number of times you wake up to urinate. Also record the time intervals. For example, if you do wake up every 1 hour to urinate, try extending it by 10 minutes. After one week, extend it by 20 minutes. After another one week, extend it by 30 minutes. This is not something you rush, it is a gradual process. Try and hold the urine to meet your time frame. Even if you fail at first trial, just don’t give up. With time your body would get use to the new changes. 

2. Exercises: You need to always strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by doing pelvic floor exercises. It is the pelvic floor muscles that open and close the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside your body. Do kegel exercises. The ladies can also do vaginal weight exercises. 

3. Lose Weight.

4. Be Active. 

5. Stop smoking and excessive drinking.

6. Reduce your fluid intake at night. Also try to avoid eating too much spicy food at night.

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