Best Online Apps And Website Where To Earn $1000+ Per Month Without Risk Or Investment



Viral News Boy :- Best Online Apps And Website WhereTo Earn $1000+ Per Month Without Risk Or Investment

Most of us are use to watching videos, playing games and doing all sort things on the internet before now for free. Now there are apps and websites that will pay you for doing all these things on the internet. How will you fill getting reward and cash for doing what you do with your free time. The following Apps and website that will reward and pay you are as follows:


Another website/app you can check out is called rewardable. Just go to the website and click on join the app for free, after joining you can watch videos, complete surveys and do other offers and earn money, so is a pretty good deal. Over $5000.000 have already been earned with this app. Basically, on the site you will complete simple tasks, cash out rewards and you can receive your cash through paypal and you can join and become part of a large community .They have review on abc, NBC, Business insider journal and senate.


Last app I want to tell about is AppNana. On this free app you will get paid by watching videos, playing games and doing a lot of other things with a lot fun, you can download it to you iphone or android phone and they also have an affiliate program, where most of their qualified participants are earning around $300 a day, so if you want more information just head over to and scroll down to the bottom and click on referral program and get more information about that.



The name of the first website is, all you have to do is you will download the app from app store to your phone to watch videos, complete survey, do cash back and so on, once you get there you can set up an account with your facebook or gmail account. This website will pay for watching video and there are several things you can do like completing surveys, play game and do cash back.

But am sure most of you want to watch videos and get paid for doing that .if you look up at the top of the website, there is a paypal logo cause the like paying through paypal. There is a blue bar at the top of the screen of the site, now if the blue bar runs from the beginning to the right end that will be 100% at that point you can cash out with the choice of any amount that you have qualified for.

For example at the cash out section of the website, you will see paypal logo, you can make a selection of the amount you want to cash out, you can choose from the different amount you want to cash out between $5,$10,$25,$50,$100,$200,$500 it is up to you based on the points you have on your account and the accumulated the points.

If you login you want to look at different offers section and there are several offers you can look over, on the website there is an offer called “ADGEM”, when you view it they will give you the opportunity to watch different video and you can also watch advertisement, funny advert and they are going to give you points for doing that, just like you will see Earn up to 2,500 points which is not bad, you can also cash out with Bitcoin, which is crypto currency which is gaining a lot of value now because is the future of money, they will actually pay you through Bitcoin up to $10 Bitcoin that is pretty good.

You can also earn points by referring friend, when u refer 2 people you will earn 25% of the points they earn from completing surveys, earning cash back so on and if u refer 3 people you earn 50% of your referrals’ points. There is no limit to points you can earn or the number of people you can refer.

friends or member of family to login to your account from their device and watch videos, as they watch videos you will accumulate points from the videos they watch.  



Yes you read it well, there is a site giving people like you and me the opportunity to earn money online without risk or investment, you have to grasp it now. You can earn from this opportunity without you risking your hard earn money, this site is called, It is owned by Telegram, it is their e-currency they are pre-lunching and it will soon be lunched they are giving away the opportunity for free before the lunching.

Now, how do you get into this opportunity? The only way is to get register either through your facebook account or your google account for free, It cost you nothing to register. The same way you will sign in with either of the accounts .I don’t know the reason why everybody out there will now give this opportunity a try and see how it works.



Register and you bring one person you get 5 gram and one gram worth $1.89, now you can multiply 5 gram with 5 gram and if you bring like 10 persons your earning will be 10x5gramm x $1.89.The more you bring people the more you keep on earn 5gram on everybody. On the site there is always a list of recent won scroll to show you that people are really winning a lot of gram on the site.

The more you bring more people the more you to earn faster and withdraw faster.

Apart from referring someone to join, how else can you earn, by clicking on Free from the dashboard and you can roll for lucky number and you will win to earn grams again. The gram you earn depend on your lucky number and after your roll you have to wait for another one hour before you make another roll, so you keep on earn.

Another opportunity on this site is watching and reviewing videos to earn 5 grams, the more you watch and review videos the more you earn more ,If you watch and review 5 videos, that means 5grams multiply by 5 is equal to 25 grams.

Again, you can still play lottery on this site if you are interested by using your earn grams to buy lottery ticket and play, although this playing of lottery ticket opportunity I have not exploited, but is there if you are interested.

I know the question is when and how can I withdraw this earning, you can withdraw when your earninigs reach 100 grams which is equivalent to almost $200. This earning of yours can be withdrawn in the following ways:



Visa Paypal

American Express



Choose any method that is available to you from your withdrawing area.

This cost you noting to register, not that you will use $5 or something or risk your hard earned money, I don’t see the reason why somebody out there will not grasp this opportunity now before is too late.Now quickly register here for FREE.


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