Barbell Grip: 3 Effective Ways To Hold Your Barbell When Lifting Weight.



Viral News Boy :– Every time you hold your barbell to do a bench press there is a particular muscle that is targetted. This implies that the way you hold your barbell has a role it plays in your upper muscles formation.

And according to the departments of sports science and physical education, Nord University, grip width has been found to affect your lifting performance.

When I started bodybuilding and lifting weight, I remembered when a barbell slipped my grip because of the way I held it. Quite funny but it was a moment I don’t wish to repeat itself. So when lifting heavyweight, your grip is important to avoid injury.



However, in this article, I will be showing you different ways of holding the barbell as well as the muscle that is targetted in every barbell grip.

1. Firm or Overhand Grip.

This is one of the most common barbell grips today. I have seen many people use this grip in the gym because they believe it is the safest grip when lifting heavyweight. To achieve this, your hands are wrapped around the bar, falling just over your fingertips. This should sound simple enough right? but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take fine-tuning to get it right. When using this type of barbell grip you should make sure that your wrists are close to neutral. It should be bent back slightly when you’re doing a pressing movement with this grip.


2. Underhand or Close Grip.

This is another common grip used in the gym. I refer to this particular grip as the tricep grip because it also targets the tricep muscles. And according to the strength and conditioning journal on the close-grip bench press, the bench press was often used with the belief that the triceps would be targeted more with the exercise. But in doing this technique you have to be careful so that you will not sprain your wrist. However, the thumb is engaged with your palms facing upwards.


3. Combined Grip.

This grip is the combination of the overhand and underhand grip. It depends on what you want to achieve but no matter which grip you use, you achieve almost the same result. Just be careful when lifting heavyweights.


Finally, do you have small hands then I recommend you use a strap because barbells come in different sizes and this can affect your lifting? If you have small hands.

So after carefully reading through, how do you hold your barbell? Please do well to drop your answers and share your opinion in the comment section below let’s discuss.

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