Avoid Eating These 5 Foods Immediately After Eating Mangoes



Viral News Boy :- One of the best things about the hot and sultry summer is the arrival of mangoes. So you can’t blame people for abandoning their diet and just indulging. This juicy fruit has many flavors. Mango has been eaten as a fruit, soft drink, and even used in various cuisines such as chutneys, mango pickles, meat tenderizers, and salads. Eating mango has many health benefits, but did you know that eating this juicy fruit and several foods will affect your overall health? Here, we have listed 5 foods that should not be eaten with mangoes:

1. water 

Drinking water after eating mangoes is not recommended. It’s not a good idea to drink water shortly after eating mangoes. Stomach discomfort, acidity, and bloating are all possible side effects. After half an hour of eating mangoes, you can drink water.

2. Curd 

A bowl of chopped mango curd makes a perfect dessert. However, you should avoid doing so because it can cause the body to produce heat and cold, which can lead to skin problems such as acne, toxins in the body, and more.

3. Bitter Gourd 

After eating mangoes, stay away from bitter gourd. It can cause nausea, vomiting, and breathing difficulties.

4. Spicy food  

Eating spicy or chilly food after eating mangoes can upset your stomach and harm your skin. Acne can also be a result of it.

5. Mangoes with Cold Drinks: 

According to Zee News, eating mangoes with cold drinks can be dangerous as well. Mangoes, like cold drinks, are high in sugar. It can cause diabetes individuals’ blood sugar levels to rise.