Apart From Using Sugar, See Other Ways You Can Sweeten Your Tea


Viral News Boy :- You suddenly realize you’re consuming too much sugar and your tea is the victim. You want to cut off sugar from your cup of tea. But can’t easily adjust to the no-sugar lifestyle?

Don’t worry! We have lots of natural sweetener ideas for you. Why not mix-and-match these sweeteners and get that perfect taste and flavor of tea. 

Here are 6 tea natural sweeteners you can use to replace sugar:

1. Cinnamon 

Cinnamon tea is a delicious beverage that’s very easy to prepare. All you need is a cinnamon stick, some water and your tea brewing will be as good as done.

2. Honey 

I find honey to be the perfect match for tea. Honey is one of the most popular among natural sweeteners and I don’t think it takes the “tea” away from the star role. It is best if you use pure, raw (unpasteurized) honey.

3. Maple syrup 

Another popular trend is adding pure maple syrup to make your tea sweet. There are a number of reasons for this surge in popularity.

First, pure maple syrup dissolves very easily in liquids so it will mix in very well. The second reason is that pure maple syrup is more than a sweetener. It is full of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants.

4. Strawberries 

One special thing with strawberries is that they’re so perfumed and sweet smelling that they’ll instantly lift and sweeten any drink.

5. Vanilla pods  

Another option is the wonderful vanilla pod. Steeping vanilla pods will add some wonderful flavor to your tea, and give it a sweet aftertaste as well.

6.Coconut Water 

Coconut water can be very refreshing. It’s also loaded with electrolytes and antioxidants. Try putting just a splash of coconut water in your tea, or even use it as the base of your iced tea. It makes for a drink that’s incredibly refreshing and hydrating

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