Always Staring At Phone And Laptop Screens? Here Are 3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Eyes From Damages




Viral News Boy :- Technology has come to stay with us, there is no way you can dwell comfortably in literally all parts of the world without having basic knowledge of internet and computer related technology. This is beneficial in one aspect and also bad in another aspect.

It is good in the sense that many things that were manually done, can now be easily done online. While it also came with some bad news for everyone in the area of eye health. Most technological gadgets like phones, laptop and computer screens emit blue light. This blue light has been proven to be dangerous to the human eye. So, in this article we are going to have a look at some of the easy ways of protecting your eyes from damages or harm from phone and computer screens.

If you are the type of person that works full time with your phone or laptop, then this article would be highly beneficial.

1. Utilize the Eye Care Technology; Ever since it became an established fact that the blue light from devices can harm the eyes, many tech gadget manufacturers have included the ability to turn on blue light filter in almost all mid range and high end devices, so to protect your eyes, the best thing you can do for yourself is turning on this eye care feature anytime you are using your device especially at night in a situation where there is poor lighting.

2. Eat Healthy, Not Just For Yourself But Also For Your Eyes; there is no better way of keeping the eyes healthy other than eating things that actually impact eye health positively. Make sure you include fruits like carrots, apple etc in your diet to help boost your eye health. It is also advisable for people who always work with their eyes to take cod liver oil once in a while. All these would keep your eye healthy as well.

3. Take Breaks Once in 2 Hours; it has been noted that long term staring at phone and computer screens can make an adult develop near sightedness. This is very true and the major reason for this is vigorous staring at phone screens without taking breaks. When you take Breaks, you give your eyes an opportunity to stare at other distant objects thus get sharpened to avoid eye problems. So as a constant techie, make sure you take breaks to not only rest your eyes but also help your eyes channel on more distant objects.

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