According to Doctors, the One Body Part You Should Never Clean


Viral News Boy :– Taking a morning bath or shower is a ritual for the majority of individuals, with some adding another nighttime wash to ensure a restful night’s sleep. However, there are some errors we make while bathing or showering that medical specialists warn against.


For example, physicians have advised against washing one’s face in the shower. This is because the skin on the face is extremely delicate and requires a gentle shower. As a result, they recommend washing your face in a basin where you can monitor and control the temperature of the water.

Experts agree that the ear is the only area of the body that should never be cleaned. According to Kris Jatana, an otolaryngologist, cleaning your ears may really do more harm than good.


“Not only does employing cotton tip applicators to clean the ear canal push wax closer to the ear drum, but there is a high risk of causing minor to serious ear injuries,” he claims.

Kris continues by stating that there is a widespread misperception that the ear canals should be cleaned, despite the fact that the canals are self-cleaning.