8 signs that your blood level is low and foods that helps boost it.



Viral News Boy :- Anemia occurs when the number of red blood cells is low. Your blood is made up of a red pigment called Hemoglobin. If you have low number of red blood cells your hemoglobin level will be low. Whenever blood is low your body will not be able to perform their duties properly due to low oxygen supply. You would notice some signs whenever your blood level is low.


Signs that your blood level is low.

1. Dizziness or feeling like you are about to faint.

2. Fast or unusual heartbeat.


4.Pains in your joints, chest and belly.

5.Shortness of breath.

6. Skin becomes pale or yellow.

7. Cold hands and feet.

8.Tiredness and weakness.

If your blood level is low, it means that you may not be consuming enough Iron. I will give you some foods that will help increase your blood level.

Below are foods that will help boost your blood level.

Red meat, such as beef and pork.

Dark green, leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale

Dried fruit, such as raisins and apricots

Peas, beans, and other pulses


Consume these foods regularly and you will see an increase in your blood level. Also meet your doctor to give you the appropriate medical attention.