8 Powerful Words That Increase Sales – (Start Making Use of Them)


Here are 9 short-but-powerful-words that will help you make more sale.

1. Free

Naturally, people like even things (even when we have the money). Putting out an offer that include people getting things for free from you will help you drive more sale.

Be careful so that they won’t get used to free things and abandon your business when you have no free things to offer.

2. You

Again, we love things to be about us. Imagine using the word “I” when you’re making sale. How do you think your customer will feel? Disgusted, right?

But on the other hand, if you direct the conversation’s focus on them, they won’t feel they’re been selfish.

In fact, they will feel honoured and special. Customers are more likely to come your way next time due to you using the word ‘You‘ instead of ‘I’

3. Avoid

No one like to fall victim, especially after they have been warned.

When you say the word, ‘Avoid’ we having a dialogue with a customer, they take it as red flag and want to do as you say, knowing fully well you have more knowledge about the thing more than they do.

To smoothen the conversation, complete the sentence with an alternative to the things they should avoid.

4. Advantage

While making sale, always remember it’s BENEFIT over FEATURES.

When you state the advantages customer will get from buying your goods or products in a clear term, they are likely to buy from you, and also come your way next time.

5. Save

No matter the amount a customer have at hand, he will always want to save cost

Proffering a way of helping them achieve that aim using the word ‘save‘ will increase the probability of them buying from you, over and over again.

6. Welcome

We all want to be treated with respect and admiration. Sincere greetings and hospitality goes a long way in driving more sale and increasing your customer base.

Whenever you notice reduction in sale, take not of the way you treat your customs.

7. Best

We all want nothing but simply the best, in fact, we want the best of the bests.

Including the word ‘best’ in your sentence when talking to customers will help you drive more sale – no matter how bad some sellers fake claims have abuse that word, customers still like to hear that word.

8. Thank You

One of the worst thing you can do as a seller is to not thank your customers after buying from you(I have seen a lot of seller make this mistake – It’s bad)

Never act like your customers are doing your a favour by buying from you (no they’re not).

There are other sellers just like you, there is a reason for them coming your way – don’t abuse that reason. Don’t abuse that reason.