7 Ways To Make A Woman Think About You Nonstop



Viral News Boy :- Making a woman obsessed with you will require a deep understanding of women psychology. Many men make the mistake of dealing with women the same way they deal with their fellow men and this is wrong. This article will be helpful if you are just asking someone out, at the start of a relationship or a long term relationship and you want to put a little spark into that. Some of the various ways you can make a lady obsessed with you include;

1.  Let her miss you

Pulling away from a lady lets her think about you often. She will always want to know what you are up to and this will make her obsessed with you.

2.  Don’t rush the relationship

If you have just met this girl and you want things to work out fine, take it slow. If you just got her number, wait for a couple of days before texting her and don’t be quick to advance the relationship so that the tension will rise naturally.

3.  Try to text her less

You don’t always have to text a woman. When you do this, you will keep her guessing. Things get boring if your behaviour is predictable.

4.  Get out of your routine

If you normally follow a routine like texting her in the morning or evening, you can change it up to spice things up. When you do this, she will be expecting you to call her or text her at the usual time but when you change this up, things get more interesting as she will wonder what you are actually up to. You always need to change it up and be exciting.

5.  Focus your time to build her up

Do something that will help her in her growth. If she is studying for an exam, be that person to text her with flashcards and make sure she achieves what she sets out to do. Doing this creates attraction and this will make her see how awesome you are. this in combination with your mystery of not texting her always will create a spark and make her obsessed over you.

6.  Give her a reason to miss you

If you stop texting her and create some distance and she is not bothered, then you need to change something. Get her feeling cautious when you pull away because she does not want to miss out on you. hence improve yourself and increase your own self-worth. A great way to do this is to be positive around her. Just be engaging and exciting with your mindset when you are around her. If she is having a boring day at work, she is going to think about you because she knows you are an exciting person.

7.  You need to create a variety of information gaps

This tip works very well especially during the initial stages of a relationship. If you hold back from revealing too much about yourself, she will try to fill in the blank by always thinking about this when she is not with you. So when she asks you any question, you can give a little bit of the answer and conclude with “ I will tell you more another day”. This will build excitement and keep the story going.

Guys, incorporate these tips if you want to make your woman obsessed with you.