6 Reasons Men Lose Interest in Women After Sleeping With Them


Viral News Boy :- Have you ever wondered why men lose interest in women after sleeping with them? Why they suddenly start acting strange and pretending as if they were never any attraction between them and the women? I know that this question must have lingered in your heart for a long time, and maybe you’re even a victim or a culprit of this same circumstance.

The society we find ourselves in has made it seem as if coitus only benefits men and that women enjoy no satisfaction in that coming together of men and women. This explains why men are always seen as the villain if a relationship breaks immediately after the coitus, people would believe that he’s gotten what he wanted so he had no reason to remain in the relationship. To eliminate this unnecessary judgement, there’s a need for us to unravel the reason behind men losing interest in women after sleeping with them so that we’d be able to avoid this occurrence.

In this article, I will be showing you five reasons why men lose interest in women after sleeping with them.

1. They were never in love

This is the most obvious reason why men lose interest in women after sleeping with them. They were never in love with each other, they were only deceived by the attraction that existed between them. People of this generation seem to have no clue of what love really is, which explains why they often interpret any slight connection or attraction as love. This is more common amongst men and they don’t discover the truth, until after they’ve slept with the woman.

2. Women playing hard to get

This is another reason why men lose interest in women after sleeping with them, women are fond of playing hard to get, turning away every man that proposes to them, just to appear as being expensive, difficult and moral, and so that men can keep chasing after them. The aftereffect of this is that when the men eventually get them and sleep with them, they lose interest in them completely.

3. Lack of satisfaction

Men are always aiming for satisfaction, so if the coitus wasn’t satisfying enough, men often lose interest. It’s important that as a woman, you educate yourself on the different activities you can engage in during coitus.

4. Lack of contentment

It seems men have this lack of contentment ingrained into their bone marrow, most men are never contented with the woman they have, they are always looking for the next beautiful woman they can climb onto, and that explains why they lose interest in women after sleeping with them.

5. Craving for adventure

This is also one of the reasons men lose interest in women after sleeping with them, men are adventurous, they are always craving for new experiences, they are never satisfied with what they have, they don’t settle for less. So when a man has engaged in bedroom activities with a woman, he would start looking for another woman that he can woo, he’ll be looking for a new experience, something that he’s not had before.