6 electronic gadgets that are slowly going extinct because of technology


Viral News Boy :- Technology has made things a lot easier for us in recent years. The days of writing letters and mailing them through post offices are long gone. You may now communicate with anyone, anywhere in the globe, from the comfort of your own home. Many things have altered as a result of smart phones. With all of its benefits, technology has also posed a threat to some electronic devices.

Round TV screens



Flat screens or plasma televisions have successfully supplanted these television sets. I’m not saying that people don’t use it anymore, but it’s hard to come by nowadays. Plasma televisions have successfully displaced the round screen television due to its simple and modern appearance and functions.

Cars that use gas


Car technology has progressed significantly over time and continues to do so. Nowadays, electric automobiles are gradually displacing gasoline-powered vehicles. While certain African countries have not fully embraced electric vehicles, believe me when I say that gas-powered vehicles will be obsolete sooner or later.




Everyone who uses a smart device will agree with me that touchscreens are gaining traction; in fact, several laptop manufacturers are abandoning keyboards in favor of touchscreens, and keyboards will soon be obsolete.



This one is still popular since, in addition to telling time, it is also a fashion accessory; nonetheless, the invention of smart watches has posed a significant challenge to wrist watches. You may use a smart watch to make and receive phone calls, browse the internet, and even capture pictures. Wristwatches, on the other hand, have only one function: to tell time.

Radio sets


We won’t be seeing radio sets in 20 years, believe me. Smartphones have effectively rendered radios obsolete, because “what a radioset can accomplish, smartphones can do even better.”

Wall clocks


Wall clocks, like wristwatches, may have been forgotten for a long time if they do not function as a decoration in our homes, but you can easily check the time with your phones.

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