6 causes of stroke and 6 foods to avoid.



Viral News Boy :- Stroke occurs when blood doesn’t flow properly into a particular part of your brain because the link was cut off. When there is no oxygen in your blood the cells of your brain starts dying. High blood pressure, smoking and even diabetes causes stroke. There are two main ways in which stroke can happen, we have the Ischemic stroke and Hemorrhagic stroke. I will share the different causes of stroke with you.


Below are 6 main causes of stroke.

1. High blood pressure or Hypertension

This is the major cause of stroke within the globe. If your blood pressure is higher than 140/90 then you have to visit your doctor to give you the appropriate medications.

2. Smoking

Smoking increases your chances of having stroke. The nicotine contained in hard drugs increases your blood pressure. The smoke from the cigarettes thickens your blood thereby leading to blood clotting.

3. Heart disease.

This happens when the valves in your heart is not functioning properly thereby causing irregular heartbeat. Heart disease causes most strokes among the old people.


Some blood vessels in your body gets damaged because of Diabetes. Your chances of having stroke increases if you have diabetes.


When you eat too much fatty foods you will become overweight and when this happens, your chances of having stroke rises. The excess fat you consume can clog your arteries.


There are certain medicines that can increase your chances of having stroke. Taking too much blood-thinning drugs can sometimes cause stroke as a result of bleeding.

The type of food we eat can also increase our chances of having stroke. There are different types of food you need to avoid inorder to prevent stroke.

1. Fried foods

2. Salty foods

3. Fast foods.

4. Processed meat.

Processed meat includes bacon and hot dog.

5. Red meats


Red meats includes goat and cow meat.

6. Desserts includes cake, ice cream and cookies.

Stroke can be avoided if you follow the necessary preventive measures. Please try and avoid fatty foods because they are not heart friendly.