50 Computer Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know Before Stepping Into A Computer Class


 Viral News Boy :- Before enrolling into a computer class for ICT course, it very vital to step into the class with basic It knowledge. Basic IT knowledge includes knowing the basic fundamental parts of a computer and more so knowing how to use them.

The basic parts that forms a computer are system unit, mouse, keyboard and monitor(screen). it vital to understand how mouse and keyboard functions as they are the basic input devices which are commonly in use.


In this article, I will focus mainly on the keyboard which is used for typing . advanced use of the keyboard is on the navigation of the pages. Below are the basic keyboard shortcuts that will make the entire work of tying very easy especially for secretaries and office assistants. Follow my account for advanced keyboard shortcuts to advance your knowledge on the use of keyboard. Remember to like, comment and share this article for others to benefit from this free knowledge which now one can steal from you.

Ctrl + A – Select All

Ctrl + B – Bold

Ctrl + C – Copy

Ctrl + D – Fill

Ctrl + F – Find

Ctrl + G – Find next instance of text

Ctrl + H – Replace

Ctrl + I – Italic

Ctrl + K – Insert a hyperlink

Ctrl + N – New workbook

Ctrl + O – Open

Ctrl + P – Print

Ctrl + R – Nothing right

Ctrl + S – Save

Ctrl + U – Underlined

Ctrl + V – Paste

Ctrl W – Close

Ctrl + X – Cut

Ctrl + Y – Repeat

Ctrl + Z – Cancel

F1 – Help

F2 – Edition

F3 – Paste the name


F4 – Repeat the last action

F4 – When entering a formula, switch between absolute / relative references

F5 – Goto

F6 – Next Pane

F7 – Spell Check

F8 – Extension of the mode

F9 – Recalculate all workbooks

F10 – Activate Menubar

F11 – New graph

F12 – Save As

Ctrl +: – Insert the current time

Ctrl +; – Insert the current date

Ctrl + “- Copy the value of the cell above

Ctrl + ‘- Copy the formula from the cell above

Shift – Offset Adjustment for Additional Functions in the Excel Menu

Shift + F1 – What is it?

Shift + F2 – Edit cell comment

Shift + F3 – Paste the function into the formula

Shift + F4 – Search Next

Shift + F5 – Find

Shift + F6 – Previous Panel

Shift + F8 – Add to the selection


Shift + F9 – Calculate the active worksheet

Shift + F10 – Popup menu display

Shift + F11 – New spreadsheet

Shift + F12 – Save

Ctrl + F3 – Set name