5 Worse Foods That Could Cause Hair Loss


Viral News Boy :- Hair loss can be a very tedious and overwhelming affair and sometimes, the most expensive hair care products are of no good because they only provide short-term solutions.


Having beautiful hair is not just determined by the amount of expensive hair care product you apply to the hair. It is also affected by air pollution, stress, and also some foods we consume. Most people do not know that the food and general rating habits affect their hair growth and health. Some of this food affects the scalp which in turn, affects the health of the skin. That is why in this article, I would be showing you 5 types of food that negatively affect your hair growth.

Check them out below;

1. Sugar: A lot of people like to take sugar and other sweet things but do not know that sugar hurts their hair and general health. Sugar is the major cause of diabetes and at times, obesity. Studies have shown that insulin resistance that causes diabetes can also cause hair loss for both men and women. One major food that has sugar is refined carbohydrates and starch.


2. Alcohol: One of the major contents of hair is a protein called keratin which gives structure to the hair. The intake of alcohol to the human body attracts the keratin component by hurting the protein synthesis which can lead to weaker unhealthy hair. Alcohol also creates nutritional imbalances and can cause follicle death.


3. Raw Egg Whites: Different people consume different types of food for different reasons. Although some people might find it difficult to eat egg raw some others are used to it. People who are fond of consuming raw eggs might experience hair loss because it can cause biotin deficiency. The presence of avidin in raw egg whites attacks the intestinal absorption of biotin.


4. Sea Water Fish: Fish is very high in consumable mercury, which can lead to sudden hair loss. According to research, the concentration of methyl-mercury in fish has increased over time due to climatic changes and overfishing in some areas. Seawater wish like sharks, mackerel, Tuna is very rich in mercury.


5. Junk Food: Most people like roadside dishes and small chops, some people love to rat small fries but too much of it is bad for your health, well-being, and hair. Junk food gives rise to cardiovascular disease and also increases your chances of experiencing Alopecia. Also, oily foods can make your scalp greasy and in most cases may lead to clogging of pores and miniaturization of hair follicles.