5 Things You Should Always Do To Keep Your Bladder Healthy



Viral News Boy :- The bladder is a triangle-shaped, hollow organ located in the lower abdomen. It is held in place by ligaments that are attached to other organs and the pelvic bones. The bladder is saddled with the responsibility of storing urine temporarily and expelling urine. If you want to keep your bladder healthy, there are certain things you can do. Some of them include;


1. Drink water.


Drinking water helps dilute your urine and ensures that you’ll urinate more frequently. This will allow bacteria to be flushed from your urinary tract before an infection can begin.

2. Limit alcohol and caffeine



High acid food or drink and caffeine may irritate the lining of the bladder or devastate the nervous system that controls the bladder and bowel. Studies have also shown that alcohol can increase the acidity of your urine and irritate the lining of your bladder.

3. Quit smoking


Studies have shown that smoking irritates the bladder and can make IC symptoms worse.

4. Avoid constipation


Massive amounts of stool in the colon can put pressure on the bladder which can cause the bladder to not fill as much as it should, or cause the bladder to contract when the bladder is not supposed to contract.

5. Exercise regularly


Physical activity can help prevent bladder problems, as well as constipation. It can also help you maintain a healthy weight which is a serious risk factor for bladder disease.


Everyone should adhere to these things for healthy living.