5 Things Women Google In Secret



Viral News Boy :- Many people have benefited much from Google, and it is the first place they go when they require information or answers to any questions. If you want to know the weather, go to a specific location, or find out about a variety of other things, you Google it. Even Google provides solutions to many ridiculous questions as long as you know what you’re talking about. Women have been observed to ask a lot of questions, which implies they frequently turn to Google for answers. However, when it comes to asking Google questions, there are no foolish questions, despite the fact that many stupid questions are searched for on a daily basis.

The following are some of the questions that women surreptitiously Google.

1. The proper way to twerk

When it comes to learning a new dance step, many people turn to Google for help, and for good reason. Twerking has become increasingly prevalent and popular in recent years, and many ladies are interested in learning how to perform it. There are numerous videos about this that have been uploaded to the internet, and ladies view them on a daily basis. Women, it is not a terrible thing if you are unable to twerk, but you should at least attempt it.

2. Is my partner having an affair with someone else?

Google knows the answers to a lot of problems, but this one is particularly difficult for it to figure out. However, a woman may suspect her husband of cheating on her for the smallest of reasons and believe that the only place she can find a legitimate solution is on the internet. And, yes, Google has been reliable in providing some guidance on what to look for in order to determine whether or not he is cheating or not.

3. How to increase the number of followers on social media

This may appear to be a silly question, but there is a science to boosting your social media followers, and they are worth exploring. Even in this regard, ladies are not last, as they will always find a way to raise their number of followers, in order to extend their reach when they upload gorgeous photographs.

4. Does passing gas cause the body to burn calories?

Women are loathe to acknowledge it, but they fart, and everyone farts, including themselves. This is something that many women do on a daily basis, and they are curious if doing so might help them lose weight. Despite the fact that there have been several accounts of farting burning calories, there has been no consensus on whether this is accurate or not.

5.  Is it normal to have your period once a month?

This may also appear to be a silly question, yet it is one that many women search up on the internet. If you are familiar with the way the female body functions, having your period once a month is quite normal. Even though it may seem like a silly question, some women are curious about when they will begin to have their monthly period.