5 Reasons why you should stop using these Bras



Viral News Boy :- Push up bras as well as padded bras in recent times have gradually become every woman’s wardrobe necessity. these are sure tempting as they add a desirable push and give better shape instantly to the body frame, these cute bras also come with their side effects and well as setbacks meanwhile there isn’t any harm in wearing them on occasions like at parties, weddings and maybe other important events damage e problem is wearing them on a daily basis, like wearing them everyday to work or school from Monday to Sunday is what leads to the problems.

Here are 5 reasons why wearing padded bras or Push Up bras on a daily basis is bad for your health:


1) it tends to Increase the chances of developing Breast Cancer, these Push ups and padded bras are made to alter the shape of the breasts through the application of constant pressure to the delicate breast tissues. which results in compressions and constrictions of the lymph vessels in the breast. as a result you sometimes notice the red indentation and marks that these push up bras leave behind when you remove them after wearing it over a long period of time.

the lymphatic and circulatory systems are responsible for providing vital nutrients which helps in the elimination of toxins in that region. when These bras are worn the tend to block the circulation of these nutrients to a considerable degree which results in lack of nutrients and the presence of excess toxins which may lead to the development of breast cancer. these push up bras tend to cause an impairment in the flow of the lymphatic system which may lead to the toxification of the breast tissues.


2)Formation of lumps

padded/Push up bras could cause Formation of lumps As a result of restricting the lymph glands present in the breast, push up bras are unintentionally designed in a way which they cause restrictions of the lymph liquid. These liquids when they are restricted leads to the formation of lumps, cysts and fibrous tissues in the breasts.


3).Sleeping Disorders

these push up/Padded bras tend to cause an Alteration in Melatonin levels, there by causing sleeping disorders. the Melatonin is an essential hormone present in the human body which regulates a person’s sleep. A padded or push up bras can depreciate the levels of Melatonin present in the body, due to its unnatural designs which causes these restrictions, that may result in sleeping disorders.


4.Causing Permanent damage

padded/push up bras  reduces the circulation of the liquids in the breast tissue as they are designed unnaturally to press the breasts to the chest and as well lift the breast up. In an extreme case, these could result in chances of the tissue being permanently separated from the main body tissue.

5. Damage to the shape resulting to fallen Breast

These push ups and padded bras constantly pulls up the breast against the nature and force of gravity and therefore putting extra amount of pressure on the delicate lower parts of the breast tissues. at some point these tissues get separated from the main body tissues, therefore causing sagging of the breasts and afterwards spoiling the shape and making it fall .


these bras only make the shape of your breast look better, while in the long run, they may permanently spoil the shape of the breast. That’s why most young women Before the age of 30 ,w’d already have a fallen breast.