5 Programs you need to immediately install on your laptop


Viral News Boy :- Often the buyer of a new laptop will find on it a long list of software pre-installed by the manufacturer. But let’s be honest, not all of them are so necessary. But you need to take care of the essential programs yourself.

1.Password managers

The problem of storing passwords was not such a problem until recently. Users had 5-10 accounts for everything about everything: on a couple of social networks, on one or two forums and on some Steam. But every year the number of interesting and useful services is growing at a wild pace. Therefore, the user has only three approaches for storing passwords from dozens, sometimes hundreds of accounts. The first is to constantly forget and reset your password. Not very comfortable. The second is to use the same password everywhere. It is very unsafe, and it rarely works out in practice, because different services have different requirements for the length of the secret word and the characters it contains. Therefore, there is only one way out – to use a program for storing passwords: KeePass, LastPass, Onesafe, etc. Most often they have a convenient structure, search and the ability to synchronize between different devices.

2.Cloud storage


Cloud storage services abruptly and unexpectedly entered our life and became so widespread that often one of the most common customers is already waiting for you on a new laptop. As with password managers, the benefits of cloud services are clear. With their help, especially if you subscribe to several hundred gigabytes of space, you can make backups of photos, documents, whatever. You can easily switch from PC to travel laptop and pick up where you left off. And if God forbid the laptop drive suddenly orders to live long, then you can easily copy data from the cloud to a new one. Most of the names of cloud services have been around for a long time: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.

3.Programs for viewing the temperatures of laptop components


From programs useful to you, let’s move on to programs that are also useful for a laptop. How is a laptop different from a desktop computer in the first place? Compactness. And compactness often brings with it a deterioration in ventilation. Therefore, in order to use a laptop as long as possible, it is necessary at least from time to time to check whether its processor, video card, or drives are getting too hot. For example, the temperature of the hard drive should ideally not reach 40 degrees, and each subsequent increase by 10 degrees shortens the life of the drive in half. Also, if the laptop slows down, then it may be worth checking if the CPU temperature reaches 90 degrees or more. Of the free programs, HWMonitor is best suited, but, of course, there are analogues, among which you can choose for yourself, perhaps, something more interesting.

4.Gamer software


If your laptop has a discrete graphics card and you like to play modern PC games at least occasionally, then you cannot do without MSI Afterburner. In real time, right on top of the game, this program is able to show many current parameters: the frequency of the processor cores, the load on the processor, video card, RAM, video memory, frames per second, and much more. If you don’t like the way a game behaves on your laptop, MSI Afterburner can help you figure out what might be wrong. If the processor is loaded for most of the game at 90-100%, and the video card is at a lower percentage, then your CPU is simply too weak for this video card at similar graphics settings. If the game processor is accompanied by short-term friezes, then you should pay attention to whether the video memory is full to the eyeballs.

5.Healthy »HDD – healthy nerves


Any laptop costs a lot of money, but the data on it is sometimes even more valuable. That is why it is best to monitor the state of the drive from the first days, on which all the files most important to you are focused. It could be photos from a cruise around the world, or an annual report that needs to be shown to senior management tomorrow. In any case, the loss will be very painful. Thank God, modern drives register all errors, and you can view them using any program that can open and interpret S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analisys and Reporting Technology) attributes. Among the software that can warn in advance about an impending disaster, you should pay attention to CrystalDiskInfo, HDDScan or HDDlife